Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2023

The Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD) has become one of the world’s most important forums on the global energy transition. In the conference program held over the course of two days at the Federal Foreign Office, key decision-makers of the energy transition engage in dialogue and bilateral meetings to share ideas and experiences, discuss and solve urgent challenges and forge energy partnerships in pursuit of an environmentally sound, secure and affordable global energy transition.

The 2023 edition made use of three locations inside the German Federal Foreign Office: The two main tracks were held at Weltsaal and Europasaal. The Lichthof was used as a studio for additional livestream-content during breaks and transitions. A temporary control room was set up in a courtyard and connected to the house infrastructure through a redundant multicore fiber optic solution.

The Weltsaal was equipped with high quality studio cameras and an additional steadicam for a dynamic visual language. For the Europasaal three high quality camcorders were used. For the Lichthof studio we made use of flexible and cost efficient LED Lighting and fullframe cine-camcorders for a unique and vibrant look to showcase the venue.

WECAP was responsible for multilingual livestreaming, postproduction for video on demand and social media snippets. Additionally we were responsible for show calling and stage management, motion design and on air graphics and live captioning.