What we do

We offer event, media and video productions.
Our services at a glance:

Live Recording

Our customisable Vision Mixing Setups contain production switchers featuring up to 20 inputs as well as the capability to integrate call-ins and remote presentations. Recordings are instantly available and ready for publishing to your social media channels and video platforms.

Live Streaming and Hybrid Events

We offer flexible live streaming solutions ranging from traditional broadcasting to hybrid events.

Video Production

Whether it's a promotional film or intro video, mood clip or event recap - our crew is happy to plan, shoot, edit and grade your film.

Event Production

Our support for your event goes beyond video production. We develop and arrange all technical aspects of your event, including audio engineering, lighting and video projection.


A professionally directed and managed stage makes an event a great experience for all participants. Our team ensures smooth stage direction and keeps an eye on every detail.

Anything else ?

We can't promise you the moon - but let us know what other ideas you have in mind. Our network of creatives is here to help.