re:publica 23

WECAP DID: Multi-camera live-on-tape recording, live streaming, postproduction for Video on Demand, audio recording

in cooperation with Institut Für Bildbewegung (IFBBW)

In 2023, the re:publica Berlin, the festival for digital society, took place at Arena Berlin and Festsaal Kreuzberg for a second time. This year’s slogan was “CASH”.

WECAP in partnership with long time partner ifbbw was responsible for four multi-camera stages, two lightning boxes and two sidestages with smaller setups as well as three audio stages. The main stage was livestreamed in two languages with embedded closed captions and was captured entirely with high quality full frame cine camcorders including a steadicam.

WECAP also took charge of the postproduction for Video on Demand.