re:publica 2012 – 2020

WECAP DID: multi-camera recording, broadcast directing, post production and uploading for video-on-demand

With more then 9000 visitors, re:publica 2019 was one of the largest and most exciting anual conferences on digital culture in the world. 850 international speakers from 60 countries were featured in the 500 hour-long programme.

Since 2014 WECAP has been responsible for the multi-camera recordings of four simultaneously running stages (Stage 2, 3, 4 & 6) We also uploaded 170 videos from all stages by the end of the conference.

In may 2020 WECAP produced the first virtual edition re:mote of re:publica as a hybrid event together with our friends at ifbbw. In september 2020 we produced the new hybrid format re:publica campus continuously over 4 weeks. In may 2021 we produced the next hybrid edition called in the mean time.